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Best Friends Perfect: Book Two

BestFriendsPerfect2_100dpi_cvr-210x330Title:  Best Friends Perfect: Book Two 

Author:  Liam Livings

Publisher:  Wilde City Press 

Length:  199 pages

Rating:  B  List

Quad Shot of Love

Quad Shot of Love


Blurb:  1999, Kieran, 18 is searching Australia, the New Forest and London for Prince Charming with new best friend, Jo. They sample some men, and march with Pride. What happens when you fall for a straight man? What’s Jo’s solution, and why doesn’t Kieran agree?

Kieran introduces Jo to his other best friends, Hannah, Grace and Kev. The others don’t think Jo’s quite so perfect, but that’s just Jo is, isn’t it?

Kieran and Jo go to university in London, and meet Irish students Sean and Andrew. Why does Kieran feel more alone than ever? Where has Jo disappeared with Andrew? Will Sean call Kieran back?


Review:  Best Friends Perfect Book Two is campy and colourful all topped off with plenty of fun. I really enjoyed book one and book two didn’t disappoint me. Kieran and his friends are back with more adventures and family embarrassments, with a gap year to Australia turning into a family mission, a fabulous read for any age.

In my previous review I talked about team Kieran and his best friends. His group of best buddies are still strong throughout book two, although some separation has taken place with university, work and play leading them in slightly different directions. There are a few ups and downs, leading to some disappointments and loneliness. Kieran does his best to keep his chin up and keep in contact with them all, it’s not easy for him being so far away from home. There are moments when Kieran is unsure if this trip was such a good idea after all.

Kieran has some inner conflicts, his coming out to his family, unsure as to whether his life was better before or after. Mum Pamela and Dad Michael along with Kieran’s brother Paul and best friend Jo head off for a family holiday in Australia. Kieran and Jo plan to stay on for a sixth month gap year, in the mean time it’s a family trip.

Kieran says “How on earth am I going to cope with this for the next few weeks? Who takes their parents on holiday with them? Who takes them on holiday, with their best friend after they’ve just come out to them?”

For much of the journey Pamela steals Jo for her shopping partner, which adds to some comedy reading for the reader. Pamela is a blast, she completely accepts Keiran and Jo’s sexuality. Pamela is amazing as she stands up for Kieran and Jo, when a family member remarks that the boys lifestyle isn’t natural. Pam along with Paul joins them on a Pride march down under as the proudest mother there, way to go Mum! It is wonderful to see brother Paul also supporting Kieran.

The family leave Kieran and Jo to fend for themselves and complete their tour of Oz. They make new friends, find work, party, getting hungover and exhausted. Hearts are broken and lessons are learned. Kieran and Jo’s friendship is pushed to the limit, with Jo’s haphazard behaviour, Kieran missing opportunities which are snatched right from under him by Jo.

Another enjoyable story of Kieran and his best friends. I’m looking forward to catching up with these guys again in book three.

Reviewed by Teddy


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