Author Spotlight on Cardeno C

Today we are doing our first author spotlight. This month our focus is on Cardeno C.

How to express the amazing that is Cardeno C? Let’s list some of the awesome shall we?

1.  Most Mysterious Maker of Smexy M/M Magic 

2.  Arguably the nicest human person on the ENTIRE planet Earth

3.  Loves organizing the kitchen, closets and making spreadsheets in spare time.

4.  Has the cutest puppy. So cute that even Beans (notorious anti-pet person) thinks she is adorable. The EARS! *dies of cute*

5.  Cannot find anyone who ever has a negative thing to say about this person. Hard working, grammar guru, generous, sweet, funny, considerate, genuine, helpful, knows everyone. CC is a go to person. If CC doesn’t know CC will find someone who does.

6.  Posts the greatest random pics ever. Can we say mattresses and utilikilts?  Drive-thru Prayer?

7.  Oh, and have we mentioned the writing?  Writes some of the most compelling, beautiful, sweet, emotionally realistic, character driven, fun gay romance in the genre.  Well now we are.

Today we hope to introduce you to this author and we have some fun sales on CC’s books as well to share with you.

sale-fb Banner

When Macy over at Sinfully Sexy Reviews asked CC about writing romance this was CC’s response:

I never considered being a fiction writer until about the time I sat down and wrote my first story, which was Where He Ends and I Begin. I hadn’t read romance novels at that point and I had no idea there were gay romance novels out there. What drove me to write the book was a sense that so many movies and shows I saw had gay characters who were killed or hurt or deeply miserable and after seeing this over and over again, I started feeling like it was a punishment, like these people weren’t allowed to be happy and healthy and strong AND gay. And I’m talking about movies where the gay characters are the main characters, movies targeted toward a gay/welcoming audience. That vision of life doesn’t match what I see in the world around me.

Yes, there are tragedies and sadness and family trouble. I know. Those things are real and true. But my life experience is that people as a whole are resilient and strong. I see people move past the hard times and make their own happy futures. I see people learn and grow and build lives and communities and families around them. I see people who use their experience and wisdom to make choices that allow them to live the kinds of lives they want on their terms and to be satisfied and happy with those lives. That’s my reality and I wanted to share it.

My first step on that path was writing the beginning of Where He Ends and I Begin and publishing it on a free website. When I got notes from readers telling me they liked it and to write more, I did. After that story came another and then readers suggested that I try my hand at publishing the online stories into books. They told me about Dreamspinner Press so I went to their website, bought a few books, and then submitted my own.”

Cardeno talked to us a little about the options readers have in regards to the books.

As a writer of a few series, I often get asked which book in my series should be read first. Because I write each book as a standalone (really, I promise!), I always answer the same way: “Whichever one sounds most interesting to you.” But on May 8th, there’s a new answer to the question because that day – from midnight EST until midnight EST – Dreamspinner is putting one book in each of my series on sale for $.99! So which of my books should you read first? On May 8th the answers are:

Strong Enough (Family series).

Wake Me Up Inside (Mates series).

He Completes Me (Home series).

If you’ve been hesitant to try my books because you’re not a fan of series or you don’t know where to start, now’s the time to give it a go. And if you’ve already read my books, please let other readers know so they can try them too. Thank you!


Thank you CC! If you are looking for a new for you author this a great opportunity to check out Cardeno C for less than cup of coffee.

Hasn’t it been fun getting to know Cardeno C?  Hopefully we’ve intrigued you and caused you to click on some links for further reading. Cardeno C loves getting emails from readers, so don’t hesitate to let CC know what you think after you’ve checked out these great deals on some fantastic books.  You can email CC anytime at


Throughout the last couple of years Cardeno C has given us delicious books to read. If you want sweet, pick up something from the Home Series. If you want spicy contemporary, grab from the Family series. If you prefer a little paranormal shifter with your coffee and kindle, the Mates series is your best option.


strongenough       wakemeupinside       hecompletesme


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